Health treatment in Rogaška Slatina

Rogaška Slatina is a place where the famous Donat Mg springs, the curative mineral water with a unique magnesium content of 1000mg per liter, are situated.

The place is the only resort in Slovenia specializing in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the digestive system and of those with metabolic disorders (e.g. obesity, diabetes).

Treatment in Rogaška Slatina is particularly effective for normalizing pancreatic function and blood sugar levels. Along with walking opportunities in the resort’s picturesque surroundings and the wide range of available balneotherapeutic treatments (massages, baths, medicinal clays), the curative mineral water has fantastic benefits and contributes to detoxification, weight loss and improved skin condition.

Rogaska Slatina Medical Centre

At least 10 days at the health resort are recommended. Within this time, the body becomes naturally saturated with magnesium, the lack of which may contribute to a number of health disorders.

In Rogaška Slatina’s medical centre you will be offered a large variety of additional medical services, from cardio-vascular and gastro-intestinal system checks to a range of cosmetic surgery options. More information regarding the centre’s services may be found on its website

The history of Rogaška Slatina health resort

Rogaška Slatina balneotherapy resort has existed since Roman times. Numerous excavations undertaken around the town have evidenced ancient Roman presence in the area. Thanks to many pilgrims, the fame of the “curative water” subsequently named Donat Mg has spread far beyond the Slovenian borders.

In the Middle Ages, the curative springs of Rogaška Slatina attracted European aristocracy. The magnificent Grand Hotel Rogaška hosted members of the Habsburgs royal family, and housed one of the first cinemas in the country set up at the beginning of the last century in the hotel’s mezzanine.

With passing time, the famous resort continued to develop in the post-war years in socialist Yugoslavia with health tourists from neighbouring Austria and Italy bringing considerable profit to the country. New hotels, a modern medical centre and a pool were built, however, the increase in popularity also meant the loss of the romantic grandeur. Most of the hotels at the resort offer standard accommodation with a limited space at moderate prices.

Grand Hotel Rogaska

Oranda Village apartment hotel

The project to create premium class apartments in Rogaška Slatina was intended for those who like to spend their holiday surrounded by the comfort they are used to at home, but away from the crowds and within 600m of the resort’s infrastructure.

Oranda Village offers its guests modern luxury apartments at competitive prices. Please visit the page describing our apartments to gain a clearer idea of the level of comfort that you will experience during your stay in Slovenia.

Rogaska Slatina apartments